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Nurse’s Office

Welcome to the Nurse’s Office


Goals of the School Health Services Program

The School Nurse is responsible for all information regarding your child’s health, including State-mandated health screenings, immunization updates, medication policies and health updates.

The Howard Gardner health and medical forms are available for you to download at the bottom of the page.  It is my privilege to serve you and your children!

 Medication Policy

 It is the policy of the Howard Gardner MI Charter School that medication be given outside of school hours whenever possible. However, if it is necessary that a student receive medication during school hours, the following criteria must be met before medication may be administered:

  • When a student must take medication in school, the parent/guardian must notify the school nurse.
  • The physician and parent/guardian must sign separate medication consent forms for each prescription and non-prescription medication. A faxed order from the physician will also be accepted.
  • All medications must be in their original package/container with a current prescription label attached, stating the student’s name, medication, dose, route and time to be given.
  • The medication must be delivered to the school nurse or principal’s designee. Students are not permitted to carry medications for safety.
  • Medications will be kept in the Health Office or with the principal’s designee. In certain circumstances, with the approval of the school nurse, students may carry their own EpiPens and/or asthma medications. Certain criteria must be met for students to carry their own medications. With this self-administration policy, the Howard Gardner MI Charter School and the School Nurse bear no responsibility for ensuring that the medication is taken.
  • The parent/guardian must report any medication changes to the school nurse.
  • Medication requests must be renewed each year and medications must be picked up at the end of each school year or they will be disposed of 10 days after the last day of school. 

 Forms & Downloads