Nurse’s Office

Welcome to the Nurse’s Office

Goals of the School Health Services Program

The School Nurse is responsible for all information regarding your child’s health, including State-mandated health screenings, immunization updates, medication policies and health updates.

The Howard Gardner health and medical forms are available for you to download.  It is my privilege to serve you and your children!

HGMICS Medication Policy

It is the policy of the Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence Charter School that both prescription and non­prescription medication is given before or after school hours whenever possible. If it is necessary that medication be given during school hours, the following procedure must be adhered to.

  1. The school nurse must be contacted either by phone or a visit to the school to discuss the child’s medication.
  2. A consent form for medication administration must be completed by the parent or guardian and returned to the school nurse.
  3. A consent form for medication administration must be completed by the child’s physician and returned to the school nurse.
  4. The above consents must be received prior to the nurse being able to administer any medications.
  5. Any medication MUST be delivered to the school by an adult. The medication must be in the original pharmacy container. A maximum of a 30 day supply of medication may be kept in the nurse’s office at any one time for non­controlled substances. A maximum of a 14 day supply of medication may be kept in the nurse’s office at any one time for controlled substances, for example certain ADHD medications. When a medication that is classified as a controlled substance is brought in the medication must be counted by the school nurse; principal; or his/her designee and the child’s parent/guardian or parent designee prior to the parent/guardian or designee leaving the school building.
  6. Non prescription medications (over the counter medications) also require a parent or guardian consent form along with an authorization form from the child’s physician. Non­prescription medications must be brought to school in the original container and labeled with the child’s name and dose.
  7. All medication must be stored in the health room. Exceptions to this will be made for asthma inhalers and Epinephrine auto injectors.
  8. Any changes in type or dosage of medication must be reported, in written form, to the  school nurse immediately.
  9. Medication requests must be renewed yearly. This includes both the parent/guardian form and the physician form.
  10. All medications must be picked up by an adult at the end of the school year.
  11. Cough drops may be self administered with no physician order. A note from a parent/guardian is required in order for the child to use cough drops. The only acceptable cough drops with parental /guardian consent are those cough drops with “SUGAR” or “PECTIN” as the active ingredient listed on the package. Any cough drop or throat lozenge containing menthol, eucalyptus, cough suppressant, or herbal ingredient must be accompanied by a physician’s order and parental consent. Examples of these types of cough drops include NICE, Sucrets, Halls, etc. The consent form for such cough drops/lozenges is valid for only a two week period.
  12. Non­compliance with this medical policy will result in non­administration of medication.

In the event that the school nurse is unavailable to administer the medication, the student, with approval of the parent will self­administer the medication under the observation of the principal or his/her designee. If the parent does not approve of self administration by the student, the parent or the parent’s designee will need to administer the medication at school.