Intermediate I Class Page

Welcome to the Intermediate I Class Page!

Intermediate I on Instagram

Follow Intermediate I on Instagram. Scan the QR code below or click the link below, and it will take you directly to our Instagram page. Our Instagram is private, so if you would like to be accepted to follow Intermediate I’s Instagram page, please email your username and relationship to the student to Michele at

int1instagram_qrLink to Intermediate I Instagram


Google Classroom

Access Google Classroom by scanning the following QR code or clicking the link below. Google Classroom is a great resource we offer HGS families to help communicate student assignments and classroom announcements. I often attach documents to assignments, such as our weekly spelling lists. You may login by using your student’s HGS email account and password. If you are not sure what your student’s HGS email and password are, please contact me at, so I may send you that information.


Link to Google Classroom

Pearson Realize

Intermediate students have access to the E.L.A. reading textbook online. Under programs you’ll see Reading Streets Common Core. If you click on the story your student is currently on, day 1, and Online Student Edition, the textbook will open in a new window. To switch to audio mode, click the hippo in the bottom left corner. Day 2 always includes “Vocabulary Activities” that students may utilize to help them grasp the story’s vocabulary words. You can also find Vocabulary Cards under “Vocabulary Activities.” Scan the QR code below to get to the PearsonRealize website or click the link below, and have your student use their username and password that was provided by their E.L.A. teacher.
Link to Pearson Realize
Scholastic News Online
For Scholastic online access, go to for third grade, and to for fourth grade. Click sign-in as a student. The password for all intermediate students is intermediate.
Click the link to read the digital issue. The issues we will be working on may be in the archive. Once it opens, your student can zoom in and click “Listen.” There are also games and videos to play.


Imagine Math (previously known as Think Through Math)

To access Imagine Math, visit, then enter your student username and password. If you’re not sure what your username or password is, please email your homeroom teacher.


ConnectED for Everyday Math

You may access your Everyday Math account, visit, then enter your student username and password. If you’re not sure what your username or password is, please email your Mathematics teacher. For more information about ConnectED, see the ConnectED Quick Start Guide for Families.