7th & 8th Grades

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Welcome to the Senior I class page! My name is EJ Murphy and I am the Senior history teacher as well as the 7th grade English teacher. My educational background includes a high school diploma from Abington Heights High School as well as studies at Temple University, West Chester University, and Keystone College from which I graduated with a degree in history education. Over last summer I also became certified to teach secondary English Language Arts. Prior to teaching full-time at Howard Gardner I was a substitute for the school as well as for the Northeastern Intermediate Unit in their special education classes throughout the area.

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Our history classes this year will be focused on the study of world history. We will take a look into some early civilizations and analyze how those civilizations and their culture and practices effect the world we live in today. We will also be covering, to a lesser extent, American history and the upcoming presidential election. In American history we will begin by continuing the discussion we began in the Senior class last year about the Civil War and continuing on from there to cover the Reconstruction period and the emergence of the United States as an industrial and economic world power. During the election, we will watch the presidential debates and analyze the techniques used during an election by the candidates to help their campaign. Students will participate in group discussion as well as work on projects and analyze primary source material. I will administer quizzes and tests to check for content understanding as well as assigning writing assessments such as research papers.

In English we will be focusing on the study of novels. Students will develop critical thinking skills that will allow them to analyze text for literary clues that will help them make assumptions and predictions about characters, themes, and plot. Group work will be a large focus of the class, giving students the opportunity to further not only their academic skills but also the social skills that will be needed to be successful as they move forward with their education. Vocabulary will also be a focus with students learning new vocabulary terms from their novels. Through reading and the subsequent writing assignments, students will also develop a further understanding of grammar and punctuation that will afford them writing skills they will need.

I look forward to a fun, productive school year for the Senior class!

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