5th & 6th Grades

Upper 01

The Upper 1 Class students are settling into their new classroom . There are twenty two students in grades five and six who are eager to do their best work. My name is Paula Regan and I am starting my 25th year as a teacher with the school. I am thrilled to see so many new faces that will become part of our learning community. Amanda Conti joins both Upper classes as a teacher assistant and is excited to be a part of HGMICS.

Each student will have the use of a laptop for research, typing reports, and many other educational activities. We will be studying American history so get ready for pilgrims,colonies, and the birth of our nation.

We will be enjoying our outdoors location through the Fall season and using it for our descriptive writing and poetry lessons. We will also work on maps ,directions, and landforms as we explore our surroundings.

In Math class a new topic that we will be studying is ratios. Students will also work with a fraction calculator. I hope that every student can begin to see that math is all around them everyday.

We will keep you posted on upcoming projects and events. We are looking forward to a great school year.

Paula and Amanda 

Upper 02

My name is Amy Barbine and I am the classroom teacher, assisted by Amanda Conti. I earned a B.A. in Psychology from Christopher Newport University in VA and I graduated from the University of Scranton with an M. S. in Elementary Education. This is my seventh year teaching at Howard Gardner. In previous years, I have taught the Senior Class (3 years) and the Intermediate Class (1 year), the Primary Class (2 years), and am excited about my new home in the Upper classroom!

Currently, there are 21 students enrolled in the Upper 2 Class, consisting of 10 sixth graders and 11 fifth graders. There are 12 boys and 9 girls.

We are looking forward to an awesome school year full of learning and fun! Our first order of business will be establishing and developing a positive classroom community, focusing on routines and procedures, learning all about each other, and completing some pre-assessments to determine specific individual and group needs.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the year. It is important that we, parents and teachers, work together as a team to create an optimal learning experience for “our children” and I value your input as I strive to help students reach their maximum potential.

You can email me at: amy.barbine@myhgsd.com