5th & 6th Grades

Upper 01

Welcome to the Upper 1 Class for the 2017-2018 school year. We have twenty three students in our classroom community.My name is Paula Regan  and I am starting my 29th year as a teacher with HGMICS.  Karen Yevitz  will be in both Upper classes as our teacher assistant and Amanda Conti is the Upper II teacher.

190120 - Upper01a

The Upper class student develops responsibility through the use of an assignment sheet and daily planner. Students have grade specific classes in Math and Reading, and multi-age classes for Science and Cultural . There is an emphasis on projects to strengthen our curriculum which is aligned to Pa Common Core Standards.

The students in the Upper class each have a Chromebook for use in the classroom. They will utilize these for research, writing assignments, web sites for math practice and keyboarding practice. It is amazing to see the creativity shown by our students with their projects done with computers.They also will receive an E mail address and have access to Google classroom where you can see assignments and reminders about trips/events.

This year in Social Studies we will focus on ancient civilizations and learn about Greeks,Romans and Egyptians. Students will take part in many hands on activities such as the Survivor game and kitchen midden. They will continue on to the Middle Ages and take part in a Medieval Faire. Students will use their MI talents to portray dancers,entertainers,shopkeepers and many more.

We also participate in outdoor education classes during the fall and again in the spring. They have fun and learn about important concepts that relate to their subjects in the classroom. This fall students studying about civilizations will learn about rocks, cuneiform writing, and play the Survivor game.

We are all looking forward to a busy, exciting year, and we are very glad to have parents who donate their time and talents to assist us with our many activities.

190120 - Upper01b 

Upper 02

Welcome to Upper 2!

The Upper 2 students are excited to be back for another school year!  

My name is Amanda Conti and I am very excited for all the new things we will be doing in this upcoming school year! This is my fourth year in the Upper Class at the Howard Gardner MI School. Paula Regan is the Upper I teacher and we are both joined by Karen Yevitz as our teacher’s assistant.  

We also participate in Outdoor Education in both the Fall and in the Spring. The students have the opportunity to take advantage of our natural surroundings in relation to their classroom studies. In the Fall we will pairing our cultural studies with the survivor game, cuneiform writing, and a hands on activity in which the students will act as archaeologists.

Throughout the year students develop their independence through the use of a weekly assignment sheet as well as a planner. All of the Upper class students have use of Chromebooks for in class research, typing reports, math practice, typing, and other educational activities throughout the curriculum. Each student also has their own school email account to communicate with their teachers as well as to access their various Google Classroom.

We are very excited for all that is to come this school year!! We will be sure to keep everyone posted on upcoming projects and events on our Google Classroom!!

– Amanda and Karen

Please note, we are a nut-free classroom!