5th & 6th Grades

Upper 01

The Upper 1 Class students are settling into their new classroom . There are twenty two students in grades five and six who are eager to do their best work. My name is Paula Regan and I am starting my 25th year as a teacher with the school. I am thrilled to see so many new faces that will become part of our learning community. Karen Yevitz joins both Upper classes as a teacher assistant and is excited to be a part of HGMICS.

190120 - Upper01a

Each student will have the use of a laptop for research, typing reports, and many other educational activities. We will be studying American history so get ready for pilgrims,colonies, and the birth of our nation.

We will be enjoying our outdoors location through the Fall season and using it for our descriptive writing and poetry lessons. We will also work on maps ,directions, and landforms as we explore our surroundings.

In Math class a new topic that we will be studying is ratios. Students will also work with a fraction calculator. I hope that every student can begin to see that math is all around them everyday.

We will keep you posted on upcoming projects and events. We are looking forward to a great school year.

Paula and Karen

190120 - Upper01b 

Upper 02

Welcome to Upper 2!

My name is Amanda Conti and I am very excited for all the exciting things we will be doing in this upcoming school year! I will be stepping up as the Upper 2 homeroom teacher after being the teacher’s assistant for the two Upper classes last year. I will be teaching 5th grade math and 6th grade English Language Arts as well as Cultural Studies in my homeroom. The 6th grade students will be able to use Chromebooks and the 5th grade students will have laptops to aide them in their studies.

This year we will be studying world cultures including early civilizations, Egypt, Greeks, and Medieval times. These cultural topics will also be integrated in our ELA work. The first novel that the 6th grade class will be reading is Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.

Karen Yevitz will be joining both Upper classes this year as a teacher’s assistant. We are all very excited for all that is to come this school year and will keep everyone posted on upcoming projects and events on our Google Classroom page.

Amanda and Karen

Please note, we are a nut-free classroom!