Art Club

HGMICS offers an after-school Art Club!

In the HGMICS after school art club, students have a time and place to unleash their creativity a level beyond the regular classroom. Art club is offered in 6 and 8 week sessions throughout the year, and is available to all grades from 1st on up.

In the art club, students explore and create 2 and 3 dimensional artworks inspired by of the rich and beautiful art of other cultures, including Native American, African, South American, and Aboriginal cultures.

In this year’s art club, students have created masks, sculptures, clay works, and paintings. At the end of the each club, the students will present an exhibit of their creations in an Art Exhibit in collaboration with the Music club.

This art and music event offers the student’s a full bodied experience in the arts that is unique and special because the students are the artists and performers!

Be sure to check out our online art gallery at Artsonia, where you can view our student’s artwork and order a variety of items customized with it.  The proceeds all go towards supporting the Art classroom at HGMICS!

HGMICS Gallery @ Artsonia