Anne Cummins

Howard Gardner School has a very unique and special learning environment. We choose this school because we believe in its philosophy and approach – the principles and love of learning that have been instilled in our boys will definitely carry through and serve them well in life. We feel very lucky to have in our area the option of a progressive, outside of the box, school that is helping to lay the foundation for our kids to truly love to learn about the world around them. Our three children are not only accepted, but appreciated, for the individual people that they are – and their education is tailored to their specific strengths and learning styles. We find the teachers to be excellent and our boys are not only challenged in the areas that they excel, but patiently guided through topics that prove difficult until they gain a true understanding of the material. The atmosphere at the school is one of community and support among the kids, teachers, and parents – differences among the students are valued. Our kids love going to school each and every day and actually count down the days until they can return to school after a break or vacation – as parents, you can’t ask much more than that!  – Anne C.

  • July 5, 2012

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