We have had children in the Howard Gardner School for more than a decade and can attest that the Multiple Intelligence Curriculum of the school serves a diverse student body in an exemplary way. For us, the objective proof of the school’s academic program is the ease with which our older two qualified for admission to Scranton Preparatory School. These two recent graduates from HGS, one interested in the arts and one in science, easily outpace their friends from other schools both in general vocabulary and in the capacity to entertain new ideas. Our younger children—because they are doing work in reading, math, music, and Spanish beyond the usual grade level—would be uncomfortable in any educational setting that did not attend to their actual levels of skill and interest. We have found that HGS is equally attentive to input from parents and teachers. Our family has learned to depend upon both the educational philosophy and the devotion of the faculty and staff at HGS.  – Stephen and Jenny W.

  • July 10, 2012

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