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Howard Gardner Multiple Intelligence Charter School is the only public charter school serving the greater Scranton, Pennsylvania, area.  We are a tuition-free public school, open to any student resident of the Commonwealth.  But what really makes us different from most other schools?

A nurturing school environment:

We believe that the environment at  Howard Gardner MI Charter School is a key factor. Everyone at Howard Gardner MI Charter School is on a first name basis – teachers, students, and parents. Our school and small class size (most classes have 20 or fewer students enrolled) insure that every student is a vital member of our school community. In addition, classroom teachers are assigned an educational aide to help direct and maintain their highly individualized program. These are conscious choices we make to provide our students with a nurturing school environment. We strive to have children feel physically and emotionally safe as they learn. Our students actually enjoy attending school each day!

Our Gardner Connection:

We are proud of our association with the renowned Harvard Educational Psychologist and author of the groundbreaking book “Frames of Mind,” Howard Gardner. Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory informs our work as we attempt to create a better environment for students to learn. We have adapted an apprenticeship model for our curriculum based upon Gardner’s writings that allows us to utilize community volunteers and resources to make our curriculum more authentic. Our assessment practices also reflect an MI approach as we employ rubrics based upon apprenticeships to help evaluate our students’ progress. Recently, we have been asked to provide a chapter about our school in Gardner’s new book on MI practices around the world. The forerunner of our charter school, the Howard Gardner School for Discovery, was one of only twenty schools world-wide invited to contribute. You can learn more about Howard Gardner under via the links on the sidebar.

Howard Gardner MI Charter School is a non-profit public charter school, and operates in accordance with the guidelines established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  Any child of qualifying age who is a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is eligible for admission.  For more information, please click the buttons below:

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