Per the HGMICS Parent Involvement policy, found on page 14 of the 2015-2016 HGMICS Parent-Student Handbook:

All parent volunteers are required to have their State Child Abuse, Criminal History, and FBI Fingerprint Clearances on file in the school office. Clearances must be renewed every three years.  The Criminal History Clearance & Child Abuse Clearance can be completed online; the FBI Fingerprinting registration is done online, and the fingerprint scans can be done at the UPS Store in Dunmore.  Links to all three clearances are available on the HGMICS website, at the bottom of the homepage.

Please plan accordingly if you wish to volunteer or participate in a class trip or other school activities in which parent volunteers help provide student supervision.  Clearances are not needed for parent-teacher meets, classroom observations, teacher-supervised classroom presentations, performances, sports events, or Parent Forum meetings.

**Addendum as of 24 September 2015: following a change to the regulations, the FBI Fingerprint clearance is ONLY required if volunteers CANNOT meet the following criteria:

  • the position I am applying for is unpaid; and
  • I have been a resident of Pennsylvania during the entirety of the previous ten-year period

If you meet BOTH those criteria, you do NOT need the FBI Fingerprint clearance, and can instead sign the “Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers,” available on the Clearances page of the school website.

If you do NOT meet BOTH criteria, you must still obtain the FBI Fingerprint Clearance.

Information on obtaining these clearances can be found at the following websites:

PA Criminal Record Check (online clearance)
PA Child Abuse History Clearance (online clearance)
FBI Fingerprinting Services Information

Volunteers who meet the criteria and do not need the FBI Fingerprint clearance must print, sign, and submit the form below:

Volunteer Disclosure Statement Application