Title 1

Welcome to Title 1!

My name is Jeri McNulty and this is my 16th year teaching. Fourteen of those years have been at HGS.

Title 1 is a Federally-funded program through which the school provides a program designed to supplement the regular classroom instruction in the areas of math and reading. Its purpose is to improve the educational program, help students attain grade level proficiency, and improve achievement in both basic and advanced skills.

Title 1 law requires that selection of Title 1 students be based on objective, uniformly applied criteria given to all students at each grade level. If a student meets the criteria, parents are notified and asked permission for their child to receive Title 1 services.

My role is to provide extra educational assistance beyond the regular classroom to at-risk students. I work closely with the classroom teacher to learn how I can best support the student.

My classroom is located near the Nurse’s Office in the Blue Section. If you have any questions please give me a call at the school and I will be glad to help you.