Welcome to the Visual Art Program

My name is Andrea Levergood-Flaherty.  I am the Visual Art teacher at HGMI Charter School.

I am a working artist, with a studio in Tobyhanna, PA, and a Level II K-12 PA certified Art Educator.  

As an art educator, my goal is to nurture self confidence and joy in the production of art works, and personal reflection through creative expression. I will also introduce students to artists, art movements, and art of other cultures, and how and why art is important to our world.

I use technology to share in real time, the projects that your child is working on in the artroom through a website called Artsonia. Through the Artsonia Online Student Art Museum, every one of the students here will have their own gallery page where you can view, share, or purchase products with your child’s artwork on them. Each purchase you make sends a 20% donation back to the art program for use in purchasing art supplies. It is a wonderful asset for you to see and share your child’s work and for the ongoing success of art at HGMI.


Outcome I: Perceiving and Responding – Aesthetic Education

The student will demonstrate the ability to perceive, interpret, and respond to ideas, experiences, and the environment through the visual arts.

Outcome II: Historical, Cultural and Social Contexts

The student will demonstrate an understanding of the visual arts as a basic aspect of history and human experience.

Outcome III: Creative Expressions and Production

The student will demonstrate the ability to organize the Elements of Art; line, shape, texture, space, value, color, through knowledge of ideas for the production of original art.

Outcome IV: Aesthetic Criticism

The student will demonstrate the ability to identify, analyze, interpret, and apply criteria in making visual aesthetic judgments.
In Summary, The Visual Arts Program at HGMI Charter School provides a  curriculum that will challenge students to think about and respond to themselves and their world in creative and innovative ways. We recognize that children learn through different intelligences. The Visual ARts program will provide opportunities for a variety of approaches in creative production. We also encourage reflection of oneself and one’s own creations as an essential tool for personal and academic growth.

Through sequential experiences, students are offered opportunities to develop to the fullest extent of their capabilities. Students are encouraged to understand and reflect on their own cognitive and artistic growth, and to advance, according to identified expectancies at different instructional levels.

Critical and analytical thinking are integral components of the Visual Arts program. Students will develop skills that make connections to both the student’s own life and other subject areas. The visual arts curriculum encourages divergent thinking and creative exploration, which helps students make sense of our increasingly visual world.

Please do visit and check out the school gallery.

Please do visit our online student art museum, where you can enjoy seeing the art work of our students published in a variety of exhibitions!

Looking Forward to Another Wonderful New Year!